JIH - T1 NC Automatic Panel Saw

Product Description


  1. The 12-foot automatic cutting machine is equipped with chip collector, automatic feeding and automatic cutting. The saw shaft is raised horizontally. The inverter can adjust the saw speed and the RPM. The sawblade advances by the servo to drive the gear rock. The cutting width can be adjusted according to the operation screen. The saw seat is positioned to adopt the roller needle bearing, which is stable and has low friction and smooth running. This design is superior compared to the cylinder and hydraulic system, T1 design can avoid the unsatisfactory operation situation. The feeding can be quickly retracted after sawing and save processing time.
  2. Cutting length: width 3700mm* length 3700mm (max: 3700MM, min 20MM).
  3. PLC control , optional the CVS system, which can connect your office computer, let you can setting the cutting size at the office.
  4. Here are the piano cover and outside cover ( like the pic1 and pic2) double protection, it can collector the chip well, and make the cutting process safety.
  5. Cutting thickness:equipped with the inverter, can put the sawblade from 455-660, please select the sawblade dependent on the material thickness, and adjust the suitable RPM can save the material, machine can cut the thickness200mm ( equipped with the 24" sawblade, fir the thickness 174mm).
  6. Equipped sawblade: ø610mm
  7. Spindle :30mm
  8. RPM: 2800 RPM (with inverter, can adjust the RPM).
  9. Saw shaft speed: Stepless speed change (driven by servo motor).
  10. Saw shaft backward speed: 60M/min./li>
  11. Main blade drive motor: 40HP, with 416mm large drive motor swing arm shaft, main saw motor drive adopts timing belt to enhance the transmission horsepower and long-term durability of the mechanism (suitable for long-term thick material setting).
  12. Automatic feeding length 3700mm and automatic clamping fixture :12 seats (automatic feeding stroke 3.7 meter ) to the big thick material feeding, the roller 100mm ,which suitable for the thick material, feeding support 1.5m*4 seats.
  13. Saw with inverter, and the cooling system.
  14. Patented design: under the saw blade with crawler-type automatic chip collecting system, and the width is increased to 250mm, automatic transfer of aluminum chips and high-efficiency chip collector, to avoid the chip plugging and the cleaning issue.
  15. Special design : double gear rock clamping, can clamp the material and enhanced the cutting accuracy, to avoid the material moving while cutting ( especially for the thick material )
  16. Pearl plate at the working table.
  17. Sawblade speed:1~7m.
  18. Patented design: double gear rock for the automatic feeding ( push) and the feeding servo:3.5kw(max:2000kgs material) , this design can control by the servo motor, can adjust the feeding accuracy, balance the feeding power.

Product Specification

Optional :•CE Standard•Infeed, Outfeed Roller Table•Chip Collector•Hydraulic Clamping• Saw Blade

Cutting Width 3,700 mm
Cutting Length Max.Length 3700 mm, Min.Length 20 mm
Maximum Depth of Cut(H) 24"Saw blade maximum cutting height of 174 mm
(Optional:26" saw blade with maximum cutting height of 200 mm)
Blade Diameter 24"x30 mm bore (opt.26")
Bore Diameter 30 mm
Speed 1000~2800 RPM(by inverter)
Main Sawblade Motor 40 HP(Optional:46 HP)
Saw Carriage Drive Motor 2 kw
Automatic Feed System Automatic feeding length 3700 mm
And automatic feeding fixture:10 seats
(Automatic feeding effective stroke 3.7meters)
Automatic Feeding Servo 3.5 kw
Table Area Chromium coating steel ( with universal ball on it )
Outfeed Roller Table Universal auxiliary table 1.5m × 4 seat
Working Air Pressure 4-6 kg / cm 2
Table Height From Floor 1,100 mm
Machine Dim. (L x W x H) 7,628 mm x 7,213 mm x 2,300 mm
Packing Dim. (L x W x H) 11,920 mm x 2,290 mm x 2,430 mm
Net / Gross Weight 12,000 kgs/12,650 kgs
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.