JIH - 16RL Horizontal Sawing Machine Series

Product Description


  1. This machine is design for wide material cutting with angle 45°~90°~135°, the width is available to cut up to 90°:90mmX800mm and 45°:90mmX600mm.
  2. The size of the sawblade is 16 inch.
  3. Special design of the basement to keep high accuracy and stability.
  4. We provide angle turning with manual type and automatic type.
  5. Easy and convenience operation.

Product Specification
Cutting Angle 45° ~90°~ 135°
Cutting Capacity (HXW) 45°: 90x600mm / 90°: 90x800mm
Saw Blade Size 16"x1"
Spindle Speed 3,400R.P.M.
Saw Spindle Motor 7.5 HP
Air Pressure 4-6 kgs/cm²
Table Area 2,700x1,055mm
Table Height From Floor 1,027mm
Machine Dimensions (L x M x H) 2,800x2,200x2,000mm
Packing Dimensions (L x M x H) 2,920x2,250x2,120mm
>Net / Gross Weight 3,000 /3,300kgs