JIH-30L A/B - Sawing Machine(Horizontal)

Product Description


  1. To operate the machine, simply treadle on the hand switch. the machine will automatically perform clamping and cutting for convenient operation. single or multiple work pieces can be cut simultaneously.
  2. Feed driven by hydraulic system, providing maximum stablity of cutting.
  3. Saw moves on linear guide way, that assures accurate and large cutting.
  4. Clamping system is controlled by an independent air cylinder and moves on linear guide way, that assures stable clamping.
  5. The clamping speed and cutting speed can be adjusted according to work piece type to achieve superior cutting performance ( Fast and stable cutting ). The clamping system clamps work pieces securely.
  6. Clamping pressure can be adjusted as desired to suit work piece type, that avoids damage on the work piece due to over-pressure.
  7. Saw blade feed stroke can be adjusted according to limit sensor and quickly return button for saving cutting time.
  8. Accurately controlled oil mist system greatly improves lubrication and cooling effect, while reducing trouble to a minimum.
  9. Adjustable clamping height.


Micro Switch (The Front And Rear Feed Limit) 

To control sawblade traveling and adjust the position according to the actual width of processing materials to save traveling time.


Clamping System

linear rail leading with high stability and the material is neat and tight.


Product Specification

Suitable For Cutting Various Materials

Aluminum, Brass, heat sink, PVC, plastic steel, Bakelite, acrylic plastic, Teflon, honeycomb board, wood and other non-ferrous metals.

Standard Equipment

saw blade x 1pcs、replace saw blade tool


•CE Standard•Infeed, Outfeed Roller Table•Chip Collector•Horizontal Clamp•Horizontal Feeding

•With Auto3000 Do Automatic Positioning, Automatic Feeding(Push), Automatic Cutting Saw Blade

ModelJIH - 30L A TypeJIH - 30L B Type
Table Height From Floor 840mm 900mm
Cutting Capacity
( W x H )
W500 x H120mm
W550 x H80mm
W700 x H20mm
W550 x H265mm
W850 x H130mm
W900 x H100mm
Saw Blade Sizes 16"or18" (bore25.4mm) 28"or30" (bore50mm)
Spindle Speed 3,200 R.P.M. 1,500 R.P.M.
Spindle Motor 15 HP(Gear belt with inverter) 15 HP(Gear belt with inverter)
Hydraulic Motor 2 HP 2 HP
Air Pressure 4-6kg/cm2 4-6kg/cm2
Table Area 950 x 700 mm 1,710 x 1,090 mm
Machine Dimensions (L x M x H) 2,050×1,750×1,750 mm 2,300×1,800×2,200 mm
Packing Dimensions( L x W x H ) 2,150×1,850×1,850mm 2,400×1,900×2,300mm
Net / Gross weight 1,200 / 1,450 kgs 1,800 / 2,100 kgs
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.