JIH-AL(Automatic Load System/Extrustion Profile)

Product Description

Automatic Loading System:

There are many loading stations for option to achieve automatic loading , automatic feeding and automatic cutting function。



Multiple working station(working station quantity as the opt.)

Regular and irregular materials can be cut in parallel several pieces at simultaneously.

This automatic loading system can combine with any sawing machine to do automatic loading and cutting.

Product Specification
Loading Length 6M
Loading Motor 2HP
Feeding Motor 1HP
Loading Speed 11m/min
Feeding Speed 12m/min
Max.Loading Capacity 300kgs
Roller Moving Pitch 125mm
Loading Belt Stroke Width 1,500mm
Air Pressure 4 - 6kgs/cm²
Machine Dimensions ( LxWxH ) 6,515x2,180x1,550mm
Packing Dimensions ( LxWxH ) 6,615x2,280x1,650mm
Net/Gross Weight 625/725 kgs