JIH-CNC18MDS - CNC Milling, Drilling, Tapping and Sawing Composite Machine

Products Description

•Automatic sawing, milling, drilling and tapping multi-function at one
•High pression high speed spindle for drilling-tapping and hilling.
•CNC control with easy operation by touch screen.
•According to process situation, separately choose sawing, drilling,
milling and tapping at program.
•Optional tool magazine for optional tool change automatically.

Products Specification

Optional:Automatic Tool Change BT30*4pcs

Applicable Machine JIH-455 A TYPE
Tool Magazine Capacity 8 pcs
Automatic Drive System Ball screw (Servo motor drive)
Cutting Capacity (H x W) 120 x 120 , 100 x 200 ,
20 x 280 mm
Automatic Feed Accuracy ±0.1 mm
Cutting Length Display & Set Up Touch-sensing screen
Hydraulic feed motor 1 HP
Travel 1.25M
Touch-sensing screen 15”
Saw blade size 18” x 1” bore
Air pressure 6 kgs / cm2
X-Axis Travel 1265 mm
Y-Axis Travel 325 mm
Z-Axis Travel 330 mm
X1 Servomotor 850 W
X2 Servomotor 850 W
Y-Axis Servomotor 750 W
Z-Axis Servomotor 750 W
Rotating Speed Of Main Motor 8,000 R.P.M. / 12,000 R.P.M.(OPT)
Spindle Taper ER 25(2~16mm)
Spindle Motor 3.8 kw
Saw Motor 7.5 HP
CNC Controller SYNTEC
Dimensions(L x W x H) 4,000 x 1,980 x 2,180 mm
Rapid feed rate (X / Y / Z) X:40 M/min ; Y:15 M/min ; Z:15 M/min
Machine Weight 3,300 kgs
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.
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