Outfeed Roller Table (Automatic Positioning System)

Product Description
Standard Model 

Standard Model
Combined with a high speed cut off saw this effective device prepares the material for


Graphical Interface Ssystem

Graphical Interface System
Its easily understandable setup functions allow the user to instantly operate this piece of equipment.


Automatic Positioning System

Automatic Positioning System
Automatic positioning system the fast moving pusher reaches a maximum distance of 60m/min with positioning


Touch Screen

Touch Screen
The touch screen's function button allows practical understanding thus bringing out the best of this device


Keyboard Type
Optional (only for automatic positioning)


Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment
Depending on the working condition, the pusher can beused with different devises.

A : Automatic tracer system
B : Rolls of flat table
C : Baffle plate : 90°
D : Baffle plate : 45°
E : Baffle plate : Angle adjustable Range 90°- 30°
F : Gripper system


The following maximizes the customers choice of equipment raising production ability and satisfying the customers high quality requests

Product Specification


Feeder Motor ( Servo ) 400w ( servo )
Feeder Speed ( Servo ) 5 - Max 60m / min
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Feeder Strength 75 kg/m


Length ( L ) 3200mm 4200mm 5200mm 6200mm 7200mm
( L1 )
2500mm 3500mm 4500mm 5500mm 6500mm


Automatic Position System Specification
Touch-Sensing Screen 7"
Servomotor 400w
Frequently Used Memory Module 100 sete
Position Speed 20-50 m/min
Position Accuracy ±0.15mm
Max. Holding Force 50kgs
Max. Pushing Force 50kgs
Feed Speed (Servo) 5-50 M/min


The automatic positioning system combined with any kinds of working machines allow for auto - feeding, auot - positioning and auto - cutting ( such as sawing machine, drilling machine, puching machine etc. )


JIH - AUTO 3000 ( combined with ) JIH - 18C Series




JIH - AUTO 3000 ( combined with ) JIH - 14 or JIH - 12

 JIH - 14 or JIH - 12



JIH - AUTO 3000 ( combined with ) JIH - 20

JIH - 20




JIH - AUTO 3000 ( combined with ) JIH - 250

JIH - 250



*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.