JIH-AUTO 18D - NC Auto Series

Product Description


Automation feed, positioning, oil splashing and cutting


Horizontal clamp system
To make sure the material is clamping well during cutting.

Cutting angle with 90°
Saw blade size:18" x1" bore


 Vacuum Oil Mist Unit
The vacuum oil mist unit employs vacuum generation principle to transform cutting fluid into oil mist for spraying. It provides lubrication and cooling functions, ensuring no dust deposit and saw blade, high cutting accuracy and long service life of saw blad.


Automatic Position System
Automatic positioning system the fast moving pusher reache a maximum speed of 40m/min with perfect positioning.


Graphical Interface System
Its easily understandable setup functions allow the user to instantly operate this piece of equipment.


Touch Screen
The touch screen's function button allows practical understanding thus bringing out the best of this device

Schematic diagram

Product Specification

Standard Equipment
18'' Saw Blade x 1pce、Toolbox

Optional Equipment
•CE Standard•Infeed, Outfeed Roller Table•Chip Collector•Horizontal Clamp•Hydraulic Feeding

Model JIH-AUTO 18D(Original Model JIH-455D)
Applicable Machine JIH-18 D Type
(Other models in JIH - 18 series and JIH -24 series also can be equipped with JIH - AUTO 3000 to convert it into an automatic feed cutting machine.)
Cutting Capacity(H×W) 120 x 120mm 100 x 230mm (same as that show on cutting capacity chart for model JIH - 18 D Type)
Cutting Length Display And Setting By touch screen
Saw Speed 3,200 R.P.M.
Saw Motor 7.5HP (10HP opt.)
Servomotor 750w
Saw Blade Sizes 18" x 1' bore
Max. Memory 100 sets
Table Height From Floor 860mm
Touch Screen 7"
Air Pressure 4 - 6kgs/cm²
Max. Feed Length Opt. length 3.2~7.2 M
(Working length 2.5~6.5M)
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.