JIH-NC18SM - Automatic Slotting Machine

Products Description
  1. Automatic feed, positioning. Oil spraying and sawing.
  2. Feed stoke 1250mm(Repeat cycle feed stroke no limit for length)
  3. Horizontal cutting and saw move on linear guide way that assure accurate and large cutting.
  4. Employ touch sensing screen for maximum operation convenience. The controller.
    Features self-diagnostic function which is displayed on the screen for convenient troubleshooting.
  5. Feed driven by hydraulic system, providing maximum stability of cutting.
  6. Two sets each of hold-down clamps and horizontal clamps provided on the feeding system permits cutting of irregular work piece.
  7. 100 sets of size memory capacity. Each set allows for setting 12 sizes.
  8. The computer automatically records required time and quantity for each machining, providing convenient calculation of machining cost.
  9. During operation, the machine provides detection for lack of material. Available to set remain material.
  10. Feed models: 1.Stepping feed. 2.Repeat cycle feed. 3.Manual feed


The clamps on the feed table are suited for cutting irregular material without additional fixtures to fix the work piece.

Products Specification

Optional:•CE Standard•Infeed, Outfeed Roller Table•Chip Collector•Hydraulic Clamping• Saw Blade

Automatic Drive System Ball screw
Slotting Capacity Horizontal feeding width 400 mm
Max. Slotting Height 100 mm
Cutting Height Setting By Touch screen
Servo Motor(Saw Feed) 1 KW
Servo Motor (Feeding System) 1 KW
Saw blade Size 14"~18"
Worktable Height 918 mm
Max. Feed Distance 1, 000 mm (Repeat C cycle)
Automatic Feed Accurace ±0.15mm
Saw Spindle Speed 1,500 ~ 3,600 R.P.M. (Opt. Inverter)
Spindle Motor 10HP(4P)
Inverter 10HP
Touch Screen 7"
Hydraulic Feed Motor 2 HP
Working Air Pressure 4-6 kgs / cm²
Machine Dimensions(LxWxH) 3,830 X 2,175 X 1,750 mm
Net / Gross Weight 2800 / 3100 kgs
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.
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