JIH-350L - Double Blade Angular Sawing Machine Series

Product Description

infeed and outfeed roller convey (optional)




  1. When the foot panel switch is pressed the machine will perform material clamping and cutting automatically
  2. Horizontal cutting and Saw moves on linear guide way, that assures accurate and large cutting.
  3. Cutting feed is driven by an air/hydraulic combination power for smooth feed speed.
  4. Two vertical work piece clamping design ensures extremely firm for any type of aluminum work piece
  5. Work piece clamping pressure is adjustable to eliminate material deformation problem.
  6. Automatic oil mist cooling for saw blades provides burr-free surface of cut, while extending saw blade life.
  7. Alternatively saw blades straight feed in horizontal direction allows large cutting width.
  8. Equipped with wear-resistant linear motion guides for accurate angle of cut.
  9. Cutting angle is easy to adjust.
  10. Gap between gauge and saw blade is adjustable no burr after sawing.



The machine performs a 45 degrees miter cut. Designed for high speed cutting of extrudes strip, door and window frames.


Horizontal cutting and saw move on linear guide way, that assure accurate and large cutting.


Special mold for irregular frame---optional

Product Specification

Standard Equipment

14' saw blade x 2pcs、replace saw blade tool

Optional:•Infeed, Outfeed Roller Table•With Auto3000 for Automatic Positioning, Automatic Feeding(Pushing), Automatic Cutting•Saw Blade

Model JIH-350 L Type
Cutting Angle 45°
Cutting Width 350mm (400 opt.)
Cutting Height 70 mm ( opt. 90mm)
Saw Blade Size 14” x 1” x 2 pcs
Spindle Speed 3,200R.P.M
Motor 2HP x 2
Clamping Way Vertical clamping x 2pcs 
Table Area 500x320mm
Table Height From Floor 840mm
Infeed/Outfeed Conveyor Length 1~7M(for opt.)
Net/Gross Weight 650 / 780kgs
Air Pressure 4 - 6 kgs / cm2
Machine Dimensions
( LxWxH )
Packing Dimensions
( LxWxH )
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.