JIH-14C Type - Double-Blade Sawing Machine Series

Product Description




  1. Specially designed for cutting high workpieces a miter saw features over pivot type.
  2. Saw blades feed vertically. Maximum height of cutting is 200mm.
  3. Two staggered saw blades are positioned at 45 vertically to reduce workpiece waste to a minimum.
  4. Especially ideal for notching applications that permit workpiece stack cutting for greatly upgrading efficiency.
  5. Saw blades move vertically on two precision Shafts. assuring consistent cutting.
  6. Compensation for sawblade wear is easy to adjust.
  7. Saw blade height is adjustable for saving time of cutting.
Product Specification
Model JIH-14C Type
Cutting Angle 45°
Cutting Width 90 mm depth ( or 130mmx130mm )
Cutting Height 180 mm
Saw Blade Sizes 14” x 1” x 2 pcs
Spindle Speed 3,200 R.P.M.
Motor 3 HP x 2
Clamping Way Vertical clamp x 2 pcs
Table Area Horizontal clamps x 2(depend on machine function)
Table Height From Floor 850 mm
Infeed/Outfeed Conveyor Length 1~7m(opt.)
Net/Gross Weight 350 / 435 kgs
Air Pressure 4-6kgs / cm2
Machine Dim. (LxWxH) 1,000 x 910 x 1,580 mm
Packing Dim. (LxWxH) 1,120 x 1,090 x 1,780 mm
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.