JIH-Auto 14A / JIH-Auto 14B

Product Description

Automatic feeding and automatic cutting

JIH - 14 A/B Type


Products Description

  • To operate the machine, simply treadle on the foot switch the machine will automatically perform clamping and cutting for convenient operation.
  • Cutting feed is driven by an hydraulic pneumatic power for smooth feed speed.
  • Vertical and horizontal work piece clamping design ensures extremely firm clamping for any type of aluminum work piece.
  • Work piece clamping pressure is adjustable to eliminate aluminum deformation problem.
  • Automatic oil mist cooling for saw blades provides burr-free surface of cut while extending sawblade life.
  • Double saw blades construction provides fast cutting time saving and greatly upgrades efficiency .
  • Designed for cutting long and short work pieces.



Cutting method: rocking arm drive
Optional cutting: choice of individual right or left cutting(To avoid material kicking)






Automatic Positioning System (option)



Horizontal Align
allows material to lean on the baffle plate and minimize forward movement which guarantees accurate cutting.

Cutting angle with 90°
Saw blade size:18" x1" hoer


Vacuum Oil Mist Unit
The vacuum oil mist unit employs vacuum generation principle to transform cutting fluid into oil mist for splashing. It provides lubrication and cooling functions, ensuring no dust deposit and saw blade, high cutting accuracy and long service life of saw blad.

Automatic Positioning System
Automatic positioning system the fast moving pusher reaches a maximum distance of 60m/min with perfect positioning


Product Specification

Automatic Feed Length


Length ( L ) 3,200mm 4,200mm 5,200mm 6200mm 7,200mm
Feed ( L1 ) 2,500mm 3,500mm 4500mm 5,500mm 6,500mm


Products Specification

Cutting angle  45 degrees 45 degrees
Applicable Machine JIH-14A equipped with JIH - AUTO 3000 to convert it into an automatic feed machine. IH-14B equipped with JIH - AUTO 3000 to convert it into an automatic feed machine.
Cutting Capacity(H×W) 100 x 100,140 x 90mm 150 x 130,180 x 100,250 x 70mm
Spindle Motor 2HP X2 3HP X2
Saw blade Sizes 14" x 1' bore X2pcs 18" x 1' bore X2pcs
Table Height From Floor 830mm 800mm
Air Pressure 4 - 6kgs/cm² 4 - 6kgs/cm²


Automatic Position System Specification
Touch-Sensing Screen 7"
Servomotor 750w
Max. memory 100 sets
Positioning Speed 5-40 m/min
Max. Holding Force 50kgs
Max. Pushing Force 50kgs
Max. Feed Length opt. length 3.2~7.2 m
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.