JIH-LJK600 / LJK600NC - Corner Endge Cutting Saw

Product Description

Aluminum Connecting End Cutting Saw JI-LJK600

This is the new machine type designed for the aluminum curtain-wall and lighting skylight processing industry. It has the features of easy operation, reliable performance, advanced technique and convenient maintenance etc. The machine is mainly used for processing the aluminum curtain-wall and lighting skylight profiles. The carbide saw blade ensured high processing accurate and efficiency. The two saw heads can work simultaneously to achieve the processing of a special angle at the profile end surface.



  1. Used for processing the end surface angle of the aluminum curtain-wall and lighting skylight profiles.
  2. The two saw blades can swing freely at + / -45°
  3. Equipped with magnetic ruler control system, realized cutting angle and worktable height digital display.
  4. Convenient worktable and locating device adjustment, can achieve special end surface angle processing.
Product Specification
Control mode of angle Using LCD display. Manual positioning Servomotor driver. Auto setting.
Saw rotate servo muter - 1kw×2
Auto worktable servo moter(Auto angle positioning) - 1kw(Auto rise and fall)
Saw spindle motor 5HP×2 5HP×2
Saw spindle speed 1,800 R.P.M. 1,800 R.P.M.
Inverter 7.5HP x 2 7.5HP x 2
Cutting depth 220x220mm 220x220mm
Saw Feeding Speed Continuously variable Continuously variable
Vertical Saw Blade 24"x1" 24"x1"
Horizontal Saw blade 24"x1" 24"x1"
Sawblade Angle +45°~90°~-45° +45°~90°~-45°
Working table angle +45°~90°~-45° +45°~90°~-45°
Air Pressure 6~8kgs 6~8kgs
Machine Dimensions(L x M x H) 3,000mmx1,820mmx1,680mm 3,000mmx1,820mmx1,680mm
Packing Dimensions (L x M x H) 3,100mm x 1,920mm x 1,780mm  3,100mm x 1,920mm x 1,780mm
Net/Gross weight 1,450 / 1,520 kgs 1,550 / 1,630 kgs