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CNC Punching Machines (Semi-Automatic/Fully Automatic)

JIH-I is specialized in providing CNC boring and punching machines, punching machine (semi automatic), CNC boring machines (semi automatic), boring machines (NC fully automatic). Welcome to browse our products.


Punching Machine (Semi-Automatic)

JIH-250 - Hydraulic Press

JIH-250R - Rotary Hydraulic Press

JIH-P4T - Four Head Hydraulic Press

Punching Machine (Fully-Automatic)

JIH-AUTO250B /JIH-AUTO250C /JIH-AUTO250D /JIH-AUTO250E- Automatic Hydraulic Press

Drilling Machine (Semi-Automatic)

JIH-2D - Double Head Drilling Machine

JIH-3D - Three Head Drilling Machine

Drilling Machine (Fully Automatic)

JIH-NC150 - Automatic Drilling Machine

JIH-AUTO 1D - NC Automatic Drilling Machine

Milling Machine (Semi-Automatic)

JIH-170 - Copy Milling Machine

JIH-125P - End Milling Machine

JIH-17OH Large - Copy Milling Machine

JIH-8D - Milling Machine

Auto Composite Machine Center

JIH-CNC18MDS - CNC Milling, Drilling, Tapping and Sawing Composite Machine