NC Fully Automatic Rotary Table Angular Sawing Machine(High Precision Gear Rack)

Product Description

AUTO2024G G Means Gear Rack Type

The machine is stronger and higher accuracy

  1. When push the "saw start" button the machine performs feed material, rotary angle , clamping material and cutting automatically. The saw blade moves upward for cutting. Meanwhile Do not keep the hand under the safe ground .
  2. The pressure is adjustable to prevent distortion materials by over force.
  3. The clamping and saw feeding height are adjustable which according to the profile to adjustment. This way is for shorten the waiting time.
  4. The worktable can be rotary for adjusted the cutting angle.
  5. Miter cut up from + - 45 degrees to 0 degree or (from 90 degrees to 45 degrees)
  6. Auto oil mist system can lubricate and coolant the saw blade to prolong the saw blade life.
  7. Two servo motors control for puncher system and rotary table.
  8. NC controller provides user-friendly operations.
  9. Employs human/ machine interface touch sensing screen for maximum operation convenience. The controller features self-diagnostic function.
  10. That is displayed on the screen for convenient troubleshooting.
  11. 100 suites memory commonly used module. (per suite can be setup for 12 different kinds of cutting size.)
  12. The program can record the cutting time and cutting quantity automatically. This information will be displayed for every cutting & a working report offered. This design allows the process cost to be calculated more conveniently


Product Specification
ModelJIH-AUTO2024G(Optional: Hydraulic Feeding)
Cutting Capacity (HXW) 90°160X300mm 45°205x250mm (Check JIH-2024 Cutting Capacity chart)
Saw Spindle Motor 7.5HP
Rotary servomotor 750w
Autofeeding Servomotor 1KW
Feeding Speed 10~40m/min
Table Height From Floor 920mm
Touch-Sensing Screen 9.7”
Saw Blade Size 24”*1” board
Air Pressure 4~6 kgs / cm2
Machine Dimensions (L x M x H) 9,030 × 1,400 × 2,000 mm
Packing Dimensions (L x M x H) 9,130 × 1,500 × 2,150 mm
Net / Gross Weight 3,500 / 3,800 kgs ( for ACTUALLY MEASURE 6,500 mm)