JIH-T3 Type - Automatic Double Head Tilting Sawing Machine

Product Description


1. Double blade miter ±0º-45º Automatically.

2. Positioning cutting length automatically.

3. 3 Axis control by servo control.

4. X axis moving by lingering guide way ensure accuracy for positioning.

5. Mobile saw could be feeding and cutting automatically(optional)


Product Specification

Optional:•Automatic Feeding(Push)•Chip Collector•Saw Blade

Model JIH-T3 Double Head Miter Sawing Machine JIH-T3E-22
Servomotor Servo Control Cylinder Control
Precision of Cutting Length ± 0.15 mm ±0.2 mm
Precision of Cutting Angle ± 0.15 mm ±0.15˚
Automatic Positioning Function Yes M15 Automatic Control
Cutting Length And Angle
Cutting Capacity 22.5º Min cutting length:450mm cutting size:90x90mm
45º Min cutting length:440mm cutting size:120x170mm, 240x30mm
90º Min cutting length:440mm cutting size:170x170mm, 330x30mm
135º Min cutting length:640mm cutting size:120x170mm, 240x30mm
Max cutting length:4500mm(optional 6,500mm)
45˚ Min cutting length: 650 mm
90˚ Min cutting length: 450 mm
Max. cutting length: 4,500 mm
(Optional 6,500mm)
Range of Tilting 22.5° ~ 90° ~ 135° 45° And 90°
Rotating Speed of Main Motor 2,800 R.P.M. 2,800 R.P.M.
Power of Main Motor 5HP × 2 5 HP x 2
Servo Motor Machine Length Positioning 1kw×1
Saw Blade Swing 1kw×2
Machine Length Positioning 1kw×1
Saw Blade Swing 1kw×2
Blade Size 22"×1"×120T×2 22” x 1” x 120T x 2
Working Air Pressure 4~6kgs 4~6kgs
Dimensions (L × W × H) 6,750 × 1,700 × 1,650 mm 6,750 x 1,645 x 1,645 mm
Net / Gross weight 2,350 kgs / 2,450 kgs 2,350 kgs / 2,500 kgs
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.