JIH-CNC 4S - 4 Axis CNC Sawing Machine

Product Description


4 Axis CNC Sawing Machine easy for operator to call the drawing number and input the material length to Auto sawing, save angle adjust time to increase the high working efficient.




 Item Value(mm)
Drawing Number 53
Cutting Length(V1) 50
Cutting Depth(V2) 20
Material Width(V3) 50
Title Angle(V4) 30
Product Specification
X Axis Storke 400 mm
Y Axis Storke 400 mm
Z Axis Storke 600 mm
A Axis Storke 360°
Spindle Center to Table Surface Max. 320 mm
Cutting Depth 180 x 180 mm
Working Table Type Clamping 4 sets
Working Table Size 800 x 600 mm
Table Height From Floor 800 mm
Spindle Motor 5HP
Spindle Speed 2,800 R.P.M
Saw Blade Size 20”x 1” x 120 T
4 Axis Servo X-Axis 1.3KW
4 Axis Servo Y-Axis 1.3KW
4 Axis Servo Z-Axis 2.9KW
4 Axis Servo A-Axis 1.3KW
Machine Size(LxWxH) 2,200 x 2,850 x 2,650 mm
Net / Gross weight 2,350 / 2,500 kgs

  *We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.