AUTO 24DTS Automatic Drilling Tapping / Sawing Machine

Product Description

AUTO 24DTS is design for the small part which need drilling , tapping and cutting .

  1. Automatic drilling,tapping and automatic sawing multi-function at one. ( Three functions can be selected)
  2. Automatic drilling and tapping head is in position by servomotor with high accuracy.
  3. Automatic feed stroke 6,500mm. (opt. 2,500~5,500mm)
  4. High-performance and high-efficiency machines that can be cut in parallel several pieces at simultaneously in the processing range.
  5. PLC control with easy operation by touch screen.
Product Specification
Cutting Capacity (HXW) 175x175,150x340,80x400,40x420mm
AUTO3000 ACTUALLY MEASURE 2.5~6.5M(opt.)
Saw Spindle Motor 10HP
Drilling motor 3HP
Tapping motor 3HP
Drilling servomotor 400w
Tapping servomotor 400w
Servomotor 750w
Feeding Speed 10~40m/min
Table Height From Floor 920mm
Touch-Sensing Screen 9.7”
Saw Blade Size 24”*1”board
Air Pressure 4~6kgs / cm2
Main Machine Dimensions(L x M x H) 2,400 x 1,350 x 1,970 mm
Main Machine Packing Dimensions (L x M x H) 2,500 x 1,450 x 2,130 mm
Main Machin
Net / Gross Weight
2,150 / 2,300 kgs