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Competitive Advantages

Set up in 1971, JIH-I transformed to be a formal company in 1979. Since then, JIH-I gradually increases the productive capacity and also applied several patents to keep our competitive advantages in the market.

1. Quality Control
On the education of the employees, each year JIH-I sends employees to countries with advanced technology to learn machinery designing, products processing and manufacturing, automatic control and the most updated technique, which assures JIH-I with high quality in our machinery production.

2. In the processing, JIH-I uses the standard parts produced by the CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, grinder, drilling machine, and other precise machines. Apart from that, the key parts will be taken to chrome plating to prevent from rusting for at least 10 years, which is the reason for JIH-I’s superior performances. On the other hand, JIH-I has a group of skillful workers and complete assembly to ensure an efficient productivity and capacity.

3. Excellent After-Sales Service
JIH-I Machinery Co., Ltd has always insisted on maintaining the same attitude before and after sales of the products. We will serve you at any time you request, such as answering questions from customers, delivering machine parts to the customers at the quickest time, checking and repairing machines by shortest time, visiting customers regularly, checking the operation of the machine, and offering customers some wearable parts for return. These main factors are the reasons why we have won high compliments from our customers.

4. Capable R&D Teams
With our wide experiences in the machine manufacturing, JIH-I continues to develop new types of products. Beginning from the early stages of simple sawing machine, recently the CNC Machining Center and NC auto-sawing machine came to serve the customers with more convenient functions. To satisfy customers and establish cooperation widely, JIH-I have set up a R&D department to design and produce specific machine to meet customers’ need. This strategy enables JIH-I to keep our advantage over the other competitors.

In the past years, mutual encouragement and mutual support with partners has been the motivation for the progress of JIH-I. We will continue to push forward to our goal, and will be more active and energetic to face our further.

It is a digital world, JIH-I also constructed related e-commerce system to provide customers latest information and convenient communication channels, but most important is that JIH-I will produce more new products with new concepts for the newly 21st century.