JIH-CNC SD5 Type Travelling Double Column 5-Axes Machining Center

Products Description

JIH-CNC SD5 (3 Axis And 4 Axis) 5th Axis CNC Sliding Double Column

  • Fixed table in combination with travelling column and beam that makes the machine suitable for machining extra large work pieces.
  • Advanced 5-axes head is designed for any angular position.
  • X-axis travel is transmitted through pinion/rack and driven by European-imported gearbox, featuring high torque output, no backlash and high positioning accuracy (optional).
  • A-axis rapid traverse rate is available for 36 M/min, 50 M/min is available too(optional).
  • Three axes are equipped with P class high precision linear guide ways..
  • X, Y, Z-axis ball screws are directly coupled with servo motors. 24-tools magazine.
  • Choice of various controllers — Mitsubishi, Fanuc and Siemens.

C Axes

A Axes

  • Rotary angle +/- 213°
  • Least indexing angle 1°
  • Tilting angle +/- 120°
  • Least indexing angle 1°

Applicable Industries

Applicable Materials

  • Wood model
  • Curtains wall (glass wall)
  • Extruded aluminum
  • Long material parts
  • Mold carving
  • Aluminum
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Wood
Table sizes
Machine Dimensions


Model 6500SD5
LxWxH 6,000x3,300x3,300mm
T-Slot 3,700x1,690mm

5 Axes Head

A-axis tilting angle:±120°
C-axis swiveling angle:±245°
A-axis average torque output:500 Nm
C-axis average torque output:600 Nm
Weight:130 kgs
S1 motor:10kW - 16kW
S6 motor:12kW - 18kW
Maximum speed:24000 r.p.m.

Siemens 840D

Single block processing time: 4 ms.
Date memory: 2GB
HMI:SINUMERK operation.
Includes dynamic element and cycle-support of SINUMERK program GUIE.
Tool and Zero Point Management:
With tool life monitoring and graphic display. Also, including tools management for various types of tools.
Program management: Equipped with SINUMERIK technical cycle and G code, and program GUIDE for program setting including dynamic element and quick browsing of graphics.
Simulation: Employs top view and other view and other views of drawings for simulating machining processes.
Single Block Search: for moving program to any section with or without calculation and execute program from this position to continue machining.
Technical Cycle :A standard turning and milling package include any work piece contour and geometrical calculator(optional).


  Standard Equipment

Advanced CNC Controller

SINTEC controller Mitsubishi controller Fanuc controller

PC-Base CNC Controller

  • Machines are equipped with Syntec PC-Base CNC controller, featuring easy to learn and easy to operate.
  • Mitsubishi, Fanuc or Siemens controller is optional.

Pneumatic Counter Balance On Z-Axis

  • The Z-axis movement is counter-balanced by using an air cylinder, allowing the Z-axis to move more smoothly.
  • The counter balance system is equipped with ang accumulator to supply stable air flow at all times.

Planetary Gear Reducer

  • Syntec controller
  • ATC unit
  • Oil mist cooling system
  • Spindle air blast
  • Automatic lubrication system for linear guide ways
  • Leveling kit and tool box
  • Telescopic cover for guide ways
  • Wire switch for emergency stop
  • Pilot lamp

Spindle cooler

Heat Exchanger For Electrical Cabinet

Chain type chip conveyor

Sophisticated Laser Inspection

After each machine has been assembled, our experienced personnel applies a sophisticated laser instrument to inspect and calibrate ball screw pitch error and backlash, positioning accuracy, as well as repeatability on the X, Y and Z-axes. Through the laser inspection process, we can guarantee high feed accuracy on three axes as well as overall machining accuracy.

Ball Bar Test

To assure the highest structural mechanical assembly accuracy, and to eliminate the reverse spike phenomenon, all Bar tested during the assembly processes. The test will calibrate the machine to the optimum status, thus extend the life time of axial ball screw and slideways.



Optional Equipment 

Imported High Precision Gear Reducer Ball Screw Support Rack Transmission On X-Axis (European Gear Reducer)

The X-axis movement is driven by a servo motor and transmitted through high precision ball screw with gear reducer. This special design not only produces powerful driving force, but also provides high positioning accuracy on the X-axis.

The X-axis is transmitted through a ø80 mm extra-large ball screw, which is supported by two blocks to improve self-deflection of the screw. This help upgrade positioning accuracy on the X-axis.

The precision machined rack and pinion transmission mechanism features backlash-free performance and minimum pitch error. This leads to high positioning accuracy on the X-axis.

Multi-Machining for Short Work pieces

For machining short work pieces, the operator may mount the work pieces on the table to machine simultaneously.

The X-axis rack and its driving gears are free from backlash problem, featuring minimum pitch error, accurate x-axis positioning and rapid traverse.


Screw type chip conveyor

  • Coolant through tool holder
  • Optical scale
  • Automatic work piece measurement
  • Coolant through spindle
  • Siemens controller
  • 4th axis (index of table or spindle tilting)
  • 5th axis table rotary & tilting or spindle rotary & tilting



Extra Long Work piece Machining

This machine is excellent for machining extra-long work pieces with only one setup. Suitable machining includes milling, drilling and tapping. Wit such machining nodes, you can save considerable time.

Various Areas of Machining

With this mode of machining, greater efficiency can be obtained.

Flat Working Table With T-Slots Controller( siemens) Angle Head (90 degrees or 0-120 degrees)



Products Specification
ModelJIH-CNC 6500 SD5
X-Axis Stroke 3,700 mm (Opt.6,500 mm)
Y-Axis Stroke 1,950mm (other travel opt.)
Z-Axis Stroke 700 mm (other travel opt.)
C-Axis Stroke ±213°
A-Axis Stroke ±120°
Distance from spindle nose to table surface(Vertical) 20 mm
Distance from spindle nose to table surface(Horizontal) 245 mm
Table size 1,700 x 3,600 mm
Max. Loading Capacity 3,000 kgs
Spindle Speed 24,000 R.P.M.
Motor 18kw
Taper HSK F63
Feed Rate 
Rapid Traverse(X/Y/Z) X:36m/min, Y:40m/min, Z:40m/min
Cutting Feed Rate F:1~5,000 mm/min
3-Axes Servo Motors X:7.75 kw x 2pc,  Y:7.75 kw, Z:7.75 kw
Magazine Capacity 24 Tools
ATC Type Arm type
Max. Tool Length 300 mm
Max. Tool Diameter 100 mm
Max. Tool Weight 7 kgs
Machine Weight 20,000 kgs
Machine Dimensions 6,000 x 3,300 x 3,300 mm
Required Pneumatic Pressure 6 kgs/cm²
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.
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