JIH-CNC6500 S Type (3 AXIS AND 4 AXIS) CNC Machining Center

Product Description


  • The angular head can be swiveled to 90° rightward and leftward, making it suitable for angular drilling and tapping operations. Also, suitable for face milling and multi-surface machining in one setup.
  • Swiveling degree is adjusted through computer control. Minimum indexing angle is:1°.
  • A tool clamp/release button is provided on the angular head.
  • Integrated type spindle features high accuracy, low vibration, low noise and no backlash.


JIH-CNC6500 S Type (3 AXIS AND 4 AXIS) CNC Machining Center


4 AXIS Schematic diagram

Machine Features

  • The spindle head can be tilting Axis : ±±90゚. It‘s suitable for angular milling , drilling and tapping operations.(Front and Back)
  • Tilting degree through computer control.
  • A tool clamp / release button is provided on the angular head.
  • Integrated type spindle features high accuracy.
  • Specifically for aluminum material, POM, light alloy cutting, drilling, slotting, machining.
  • Tempering treatment heavy base keep strong and accuracy.
  • German CAM software and vise automatic positioning function, make the 4 axis machining process more simplify.
  • Choice of X-axis travels: 3,500/4,500/5,500/6,500mm.
  • Table type: vise
  • ISO 30 spindle speed: 18,000 RPM
  • 8-tools disk type magazine.(Opt. 12 tools)
  • Travelling column design features increased machining efficiency and accuracy.
  • Three axes are equipped with high precision linear guide ways.
  • Y&Z axes ball screws are directly coupled with servo motors.
  • Syntec controllers-PC-based.
  • Fully enclosed splash guard (optional).

Applicable Materials

  • Aluminum
  • Other non-ferrous metals


Applicable Industries

  • Public transportation , aluminum , light alloy profile processing.
  • Aerospace industry
  • Long-shaped aluminum profiles
  • Square tube profile cutting, drilling, slot milling.
  • Aluminum doors and Windows industry
  • Curtain wall(glass wall)
  • Extruded aluminum machining
  • Long material parts
  • Frame car parts



Model 6500S 3500S
LxWxH 9,000x2,550x3,200mm 6,000x2,550x3,200mm
Table 6,500x375mm 3,500x375mm


Spindle tilting 0~±90°


Machining Way

Multi-Machining for Short Work Pieces

For machining short work pieces, the operator may mount the work pieces on the table to machine simultaneously.
Extra Long Work Piece Machining

This machine is excellent for machining extra-long work pieces with only one setup. Suitable machining includes milling, drilling and tapping. With such machining nodes, you can save considerable time.
Different Parts Machining

With this mode of machining, greater efficiency can be obtained.

Standard Equipment

Advanced CNC Controller
  SYNTEC controller
PC-Base CNC Controller

Machines are equipped with Syntec PC-Base CNC controller, featuring easy to learn and easy to operate.

Planetary Gear Reducer

Laser Interferometer

After each machine has been assembled, our experienced personnel applies a laser interferometer to inspect and calibrate ball screw pitch error and backlash, positioning accuracy, as well as repeatability on the X, Y and Z-axes. Through the laser inspection process, we can guarantee high feed accuracy on three axes as well as overall machining accuracy.

Ball Bar Test

To assure the highest structral mechanical assembly accuracy, and to eliminate the reverse spike phenomenon, all Bar tested during the assembly processes. The test will calibrate the machine to the optimum status, thus extend the life time of axial ball screw and slideways.

Tool Magazine
Standard loading capacity is 8 tools.

Standard Vise

HSD ES951 High Quality High Speed Spindle

Automatic Lubricator
All linear guide ways and ball screws are automatically lubricated by a erasures lubricator. It keeps all axes move smoothly.

Reference Stopper

Oil Mist Cooling
The machine is equipped with an oil mist cooling system for efficient cooling of cutting tool and work piece. It not only extends the service life of the tool, but also ensures superior cutting quality.


Optional Equipment

90° angular head with sawblade
Chain Type Chip Conveyor

moving automatically

Automatic clamp moving and positioning system combined with automatic clamp position sensing function effectively prevents the crash from spindle hitting the vise.

Optional Features

Automatic work piece measurement

4th axis (index of table or spindle tilting)

5th axis table rotary & tilting

Product Specification
ModelJIH-CNC S3 (3Axis)JIH-CNC S4 (4Axis)
X-Axis Stroke 3,500/4,500/5,500/6,500mm (Opt.) 3,500/4,500/5,500/6,500mm(Opt.)
Y-Axis Stroke 450 mm

450 mm (A0°) / 200 mm (4 Axis) / A+90° A-90°

Z-Axis Stroke 500 mm 500 mm
Table Type vise (1 set/per meter) vise (1 set / per meter)
Table Size 432 x 3,500-6,500mm 432 x 3,500-6,500mm
Table Heigh From Floor 950 mm 950 mm

Spindle Speed

18,000R.P.M. 18,000R.P.M.
Spindle Motor 10HP (7.5kw) 10HP (7.5kw)
Spindle Taper Cone ISO 30 ISO 30
Sawblade size 10"x1" Bore (with 90° angular head) 10"x1" Bore (with 90° angular head)
Feed Rate
Rapid Feed Rate(X/Y/Z) X:50 m/min, (Opt. 80 m/min) Y:24 m/min, Z:24m/min X:50 m/min, (Opt. 70m/min) Y:24 m/min, Z:24 m/min
Servo motors of 3 axes X:2kw , Y:1kw , Z:2kw X:2kw , Y:1kw , Z:2kw, A:750w
Cutting feed rate F:1-5,000 mm/min F:1-5,000 mm/min
Magazine Capacity

8 Tools(Opt. 12 tools)

8 Tools(Opt. 12 tools)

Tool Holder ISO 30 ISO 30
Required Pneumatic Pressure 6 kgs/cm2 6 kgs/cm2
Machine Dimensions 6,000-9,000 x 2,500 x 3,200 mm 6,000-9,000 x 2,500 x 3,200 mm
Packing Dimensions 6,100-9,100 x 2,300 x 2,450 mm 6,100-9,100 x 2,300 x 2,450 mm
Machine Weight 4,500-6,500 kgs 4,500-6,500 kgs

*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.