JIH-20 24 Type - Sawing Machine Series

Product Description


  1. To operate the machine, simply treadle on the foot switch, the machine will automatically perform clamping and cutting for convenient operation.
  2. Concealed saw blade performs upward cutting. Single or multiple work pieces can be cut simultaneously.
  3. While cutting, the oil mist splashes automatically for cooling and lubrication.
  4. Cutting feed is driven by a hydraulic pneumatic combination cylinder for extremely stable cutting speed.
  5. The machine cabinet painting is baked by high temperature of 200 degree ( Powder coating ) for resisting bumping without paint peeling off.
  6. The machine permits ± 0 ~ 45 degree cutting.


  1. Clamping system mover on linear guide way, that stable clamping
  2. Clamping system is controlled by an independent air cylinder
    ( 1+2 feature : Clamping pressure can be adjusted as desired to suit work piece type, that avoids damage on the work piece due to over-pressure )
  3. Adjustable clamping height
  4. Adjustable clamping speed
  5. Adjustable cutting speed
    ( 3+4+5 feature : According to work piece type to adjust the clamping height and speed and cutting height and speed )
  6. Accurately controlled oil mist system greatly improves lubrication and cooling effect, while reducing trouble to a minimum.
  7. The handle for convenient and easy fix worktable.
  8. Hold handle for rotary worktable angular ( ± 0 ~ 45 degrees )

  1. Quick positioning button
  2. Quick positioning hole When equipped with the quick positioning button and the quick positioning hole, the frequently applied angles such as 22.5°, 30° and 45° can be fast positioned for increasing efficiency.

  1. The convenient door for saw blade replacing. Open the side door to replace the blade. The door can load the whole blade and there won't be any inconvenience for the blade installation as those typed machine
  2. Chip Outlet Port: The chips are exhausted through this outlet port. It eliminates inconvenient cleaning for those chip deposited in the machine.

Vacuum Oil Mist Unit
The vacuum oil mist unit employs vacuum generation principle to transform cutting fluid into oil mist for splashing. It provides lubrication and cooling functions, ensuring no dust deposit and saw blade, high cutting accuracy and long service life of saw blad.


Product Specification

Suitable For Cutting Various Materials

Aluminum, brass, heat sink, PVC, plastic steel, bakelite, acrylic plastic, teflon, honeycomb board, wood and other non-ferrous metals..

Standard Equipment

24'' saw blade x 1pc、Handle for changing saw blade

Optional:Automatic Rotary Angle,JIH-16R,JIH-20R,JIH20 24R,JIH-20 30R,JIH-20 36R

•CE Standard•Infeed, Outfeed Roller Table•Chip Collector•Horizontal Clamp•Horizontal Feeding•Automatic Rotary Angle

•With Auto3000 for Automatic Positioning,Automatic Feeding(Push),Automatic Rotary Angle,Automatic Cutting Saw Blade

Model JIH-20 24 Type 
Cutting Angle +45° ~ 0° ~ -45°
Saw Blade Sizes 24"x1"bore
Spindle Speed 1,550 R.P.M.(60 HZ)
Motor 7.5 HP
Air Pressure 4-6 kgs/cm²
Table Area 896 x 448mm
Table Height Form Floor 920mm
Net/Gross Weight 800 / 920kgs
Machine Dimensions
( LxWxH )
Packing Dimensions
( LxWxH )
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.