JIH-CNC M Type CNC Machining Center

Product Description

JIH - CNC 6500 M Standard


JIH - CNC 6500 M Type Safety Guard (full cover not including top)

3 AXIS Schematic diagram


Machine Features

  1. X-axis travel: 6,500 mm(standard), 3,500/4,500/5,500 mm(optional).
  2. Table type: 3 Sets T-slots,clamps, T slot table (optional)
  3. Spindle speed:8,000 R.P.M. (BT40)
  4. 24-tools Arm type tool-magazine.
  5. Travelling column design features increased machining efficiency and accuracy.
  6. Three axes are equipped with high precision linear guide ways.
  7. Y&Z axes ball screws are directly coupled with servo motors, high transmission efficiency and high accuracy.
  8. Fully enclosed splash guard.(opt)
  9. Choice of controllers – PC based.(Mitsubishi, Fanuc and Siemens) OPT.


Model CNC6500M CNC4500M CNC3500M
9,980x2,230x2,750mm 7,980x2,230x2,750mm 6,980x2,230x2,750mm
T-Slot 6,500x450mm 4,500x450mm 3,500x450mm

Applicable Materials

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Metal (such as: linear ways and round rod, etc.)
  • Other non-ferrous metals

  Applicable Industries

  • Aluminum door and windows
  • Curtain Wall(glass wall)
  • Extruded aluminum machining
  • Long parts


Machining Way

Multi-Machining for Short Work Pieces

For machining short work pieces, the operator may mount the work pieces on the table to machine simultaneously.
Extra Long Work Piece Machining

This machine is excellent for machining extra-long work pieces with only one setup. Suitable machining includes milling, drilling and tapping. With such machining nodes, you can save considerable time.
Different Parts Machining

With this mode of machining, greater efficiency can be obtained.


Standard Equipment

Reference Stopper
Arm Type Tool Magazine
1.The turret type magazine employs armless tool change. Bi-directional, random tool selection increases tool change speed.
2.The turret accommodates of cutting tool Standard loading capacity is 24 tools.
M.P.G Hand Wheel
The control box is equipped with an M.P.G. hand wheel,providing added convenience for tool setting and running testing.
PC-Based CNC Control
1.The machine is equipped with a PC-based CNC control as standard equipment. It is easy to learn and operate.

2.Upon request , Mitsubishi or Fanuc CNC control is available(optional).
Automatic Lubricator
All linear guide ways and ball screws are automatically lubricated by a erasures lubricator. It keeps all axes move smoothly.
Oil Mist Cooling
The machine is equipped with an oil mist cooling system for efficient cooling of cutting tool and work piece. It not only extends the service life of the tool, but also ensures superior cutting quality.
Traveling Column
1.The column is ruggedly constructed with maximum rigidity assuring deformation-free performance at all times. The column moves on high precision linear guide ways.

2.Extra-wide span between linear guide ways provide solid support for the column.

3. High precision ball screws are driven by a servomotor, ensuring fast movement and high positioning accuracy for the column.


Optional Equipment

CNC controllers-Fanuc(OimF) CNC controllers-Mitsubishi(M80) Controller Siemens
Full cover Half cover Angle Head
(90 degrees or 0-120 degrees)
X-Axis Imported High Precision Gear Reducer
The X-axis movement is driven by a servo motor and transmitted through high precision ball screw with gear reducer. This special design not only produces powerful driving force, but also provides high positioning accuracy on the X-axis.
X-Axis Ball Screw Support
The X-axis is transmitted through a ø80 mm extra-large ball screw, which is supported by two blocks to improve self-deflection of the screw. This help upgrade positioning accuracy on the X-axis.
Screw type chip conveyor
Opt vise 1(for steel) Pneumatic vise Reference stopper
T-Slot Table 4th axis-Strong Tailstock 4th axis-Rotary table probing glossary teminology
Probing Glossary Teminology    
  • Optical scale
  • Automatic work piece measurement
  • Coolant through spindle
  • Siemens controller
  • 4th axis (index of table or spindle tilting)
Product Specification
ModelJIH-CNC 6500M(BT40)
X-Axis Stroke 6,500mm(Opt.3,500mm/4,500mm/5,500mm)
Y-Axis Stroke 350mm(Opt.510 mm)
Z-Axis Stroke 510mm
Distance from Spindle Nose To Table Surface Min. 160mm, Max. 670mm
Table Type 3 sets T-slots (Opt. T-slot Table)
Table Size 456x6,500mm
Max. Load 800 kgs
(No.x Pitch x Size)
3x50x203 mm
Spindle Speed 12,000
Spindle Motor

10HP (7.5kw)

Spindle Taper Cone BT40
Feed Rate
Rapid Feed Rate(X/Y/Z) X:40 m/min, Y:24 m/min, Z:24 m/min
Servo Motors of 3 Axes  X:2kw, Y:1.0kw, Z:2kw
Cutting Feed Rate F:1~5,000mm/min
Repeatability Accuracy X: ±0.02mm, Y: ±0.02mm, Z: ±0.02mm
Magazine Capacity 24 Tools 
ATC Type Arm Type
Tool Holder BT40
Pull Stud 45°
Maximum tool length 300 mm
Max. Tool Diameter 80mm
Max. Tool Weight 7 kgs
Required Pneumatic Pressure 6 kgs/cm²
Machine Dimensions(Full cover) 10,000 x 2,800 x 2,700mm
Packing Dimensions 10,100 x 2,300 x 2,500mm
Machine Weight 9,000-13,000kgs
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.