JIH-CNC 48B Type 3 Axis CNC Router

Product Description

Applicable Industries

  • Casting aluminum door
  • Casting copper door
  • Aluminum with PVC panel
  • Any kind of panel, acrylic or non-ferrous metal etc......
  • Wooden mould carving, solid wood door, plate type material
  • Bakelite, glass fiber, aluminum plate, solid wood, lettering, carved, to fit customized furniture, home improvement
  • Aluminum template processing

Machine Features

  • Italian spindle with high frequency ,power 8KW, low noise and long life .
  • High-efficiency carousel type automatic tool change system
  • Tempering treatment,strong body won`t be out of shape, high rigidity (with customized table)
  • Automatic tool length measure system, automatic position system
  • X axis motor drive from both side, make it working stable
  • 3 axis automatic lubrication
  • Oil mist cooling
  • Spindle head dust collector
  • Vacuum table
  • Standand:8 tools magazine


3 AXIS Schematic diagram

Product Specification
Model JIH - CNC 48B
X-Axis Stroke 2,470 mm
Y-Axis Stroke 1,250 mm
Z-Axis Stroke 250 mm (opt. 700 mm)
Distance from spindle nose to table surface 50~300 mm
Feed Rate
X-Axis Rapid Feed Rate 36M / min
Y-Axis Rapid Feed Rate 36M / min
Z-axis rapid feed rate 24M / min
Cutting Feed Rate F:1~5,000 mm/min
Repeatability Accuracy X: ±0.02mm Y: ±0.01mm Z :±0.01mm
Motor 10HP (7.5kw)
X-Axis Motor 1.3 kw × 2
Y-Axis Motor 1.3 kw
Z-Axis Motor(brake) 1.3 kw
Table Height From Floor 820 mm
Max. Range of Processing 1,250~2,470 mm
Spindle Speed 1,000~24,000 R.P.M.
Tool Magazine Type
Magazine Capacity 8 pcs
Tool Holder ISO 30
Collet ER-32
Vacuum Zone 2 zone (vacuum table)40bar
Reguired Pneumatic Pressure 6 kgs/cm²
Machine Dimensions(LxWxH) 5,800×2,900×2,100 mm
Machine Weight 4,800 kgs
*We reserve the rights to modify above specification without notice.